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Pikashow APK is free access to a leisure platform that allows Android users to watch limitless TV and film sequences. There is a huge discussion about Hollywood and Bollywood movies. 

Before sticking to the PikaShow article, the developer shares detailed information about the app, including its legal status, usage info, features, Configuration qualities, and installation process on different devices. 

Pikashow apk

If you don’t know, you should know that the original PikaShow app is a streaming app that previously worked only on iOS and Android devices. But now its latest versions work on MAC, iPhone, Apple, Personal computers, Smart TV, Firestick, and many more. The app is considered among the top ten streaming apps on the Google Play Store because of its unique features.

After a rapid valuation of the APK, there are four essential classes. The only reason to include these classes is to ensure that users can easily get entry to content. The users can view information from more than a thousand videos.  

Pikashow MOD APK

It seems very difficult for the users to seek any particular information. So, developers have classified the app system into many classes. Each class has specific content. Therefore, users can easily select the required class and get access to the content.

NamePikashow APK
Size17 MB
RequiredAndroid 4.4+
Mod PriceFree
Updated1 Day Ago

Download PikaShow 2023 Version

Working of PikaShow APK

The developers of Pikashow APK prioritize users’ demands while developing every feature of this app, and they win the hearts of their users through great efforts in making convenient features. Now, it is taking the top ten ranks on the Google Play Store among all streaming applications.  

The exposure of stunning quantity and quality gives a stunning feel to the clients. The app comprises a great variety of Entertainment Stuff. All-in-oneAn all-in-one is available only on PikaShow, which is usually an impossible task. 

From Bollywood to Hollywood News, more than five hundred Live TV Channels, On-Demand Videos, Shows, Over-the-top Content, Live Sports Streaming, and favorite TV serials or cartoons are available on one stunning platform for users. 

In addition, prime features like screen customization, HD video quality, Subtitles, One-click downloading, and a friendly interface are the most appealing characteristics of the app.  

Hence, the additional features offer a perfect package for entertainment seekers. Lastly, the TV app shows a positive attitude for all devices, including iPhones, MAC, iOS, Laptops, Personal Computers, Fire TV, and Android devices.  


Dubbed Videos and Subtitles

The customers can stream all updated episodes of Pokemon with subtitles, so they can easily understand the delivery of dialogues. But if users want to watch the episodes in their mother languages, there is no need to worry because this Pikachu app gives access to dubbed videos.


The users can watch all the old and latest episodes of Pokemon only by PikaShow TV APK download. All seasons, including all episodes of Pokemon, are available in the PikaShow TV Apk.

Downloading Free Episodes

Mostly, customers have to pay charges for watching or downloading episodes of cartoons or animes. But the Pikachu app is permitting customers to get access to all episodes of dramas. You can watch and download the episodes on the PikaShow App

Video Player

You can play videos without the availability of the internet. If there is an emergency and you still want to watch videos, then there is no need to worry. You can stream your loving episodes without connecting the Wi-Fi sources. So, you can play the videos without waiting for the video player. 

Chrome Casting

Chrome Casting is setting a new trend among people. People are asking for Chrome casting features for different streaming apps. It is a technology. This stunning feature allows users to watch dramas on their TV screens. Everyone can connect their Android devices and Smart TV through Chrome casting and stream TV shows on Fire TV and Android TV.  

PiP Mode

Picture in Picture (PiP) mode is the smartest and latest feature. Clients use this feature to create a minor popping window containing streaming videos. In this way, people can perform different tasks and open the screen for various purposes completely free. This feature allows people to perform their duty and enjoy their favorite movies using the Picture in the Picture window. 

Recording Feature

This feature allows people to record many video streaming or live streaming. The recording is always saved in the phone gallery for later use. Share your memories or loving movies or videos after recording with your family and loved ones.

Multi-functional Media Player

 A perfect media player is available to the streamers with perfect features. Easy control, adjusting brightness, or decreasing or increasing the volume of video are some exciting features of media players. Swipe up or down to adjust the video’s brightness or volume. Resume or pause the live streaming or video streaming whenever you want. Customize the video speed from 0.25x- 3x. There is also an option for customizing audio settings or quality of audio.

Ads Free

The latest version of the Pikashow mod Apk is a free version. There are no ads in the updated version of the PikaShow Ad free app. The viewers can stream their favorite videos without the disturbance of ads.

Variety of Channels

The PikaShow TV app provides various channels to its users, like the United Kingdom, India, the USA, and China.

Categorizing Channels

This amazing app categorizes channels like Cartoons, News, Movies, Music, etc.

4K Resolutions

The best feature of this app is its resolution support. It Supports 4k-resolution movies. The users can get the highest quality videos and stream high-resolution cartoons and movies.

Versions of PikaShow APK

Till now, so many versions of the most popular streaming app have come on the market. The most recent version is V85. The download link for this most updated version is available below.

The developers of Pikashow are continuously updating and improving the features of the apps. The updated version comes in the market with good changes and modifications, including fixing bugs, speed, security, etc. So many users always look for older versions, so the developer also provides download links to older versions to facilitate the users more and more. 

Download your favorite version from the most trustworthy website to keep the safety of your device. All older and latest versions of PikShow Apk Download are available here, 

  • Pikashowapk download new version v85
  • Pikashowapk v10 7.2 11.2 mb
  • Pikashowapk v80 – download
  • Pikashowapk 78 – download 2022
  • Pikashow v65 apk download
  • Pikashowapk v81 – download
  • Pikashowapk – download v84
  • Pikashowapk download v75
  • Pikashow v52 apk
  • Pikashowapk – download apk mart
  • Pikashowapk – update v84
  • Pikashowapk free download v 70
  • Pikashowapk v60 download
  • Pikashow mod apk – free download
  • Pikashowapk – download v80
  • Pikashowapk v75 download
  • Pikashowapk download 10.4 9
  • Pikashowapk v80 download
  • Pikashow v61 apk
  • Pikashowapk free download v73

Pros And Cons

There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to this amazing app. Users first want to know about the Pros and Cons of the app before downloading it. So, there is a list of some drawbacks and benefits of pikaShow mod for making the best decision in selecting an app, 


  • Free forever
  • Simple Navigation
  • Lightweight APK File
  • Free Original Content
  • Simple User Interface
  • No Ads
  • No Location Permission.
  • No Subscriptions
  • Easy Download
  • World Wide Content
  • Safe and Secure
  • All Types of Web series and Movies Available


  • Connection Problems during Live Streaming
  • Low Speed While streaming Movies, cartoons, and TV Shows.
  • Multfunctions crashes.
  • Require fast internet availability. 

PikaShow for TV

Streamers mostly crave to watch their favorite shows or movies on larger screens. For this purpose, people need Pikashow for TV. It is the highest streaming platform because it supports all devices, including Android/iOS, PC, Lunix, Firestick, and Smart TV, completely free.  

Purposes of Streaming PikaShow on TV

Sadly, many users are unaware of or avoiding the functionality of the Pikashow TV APK download  because they are not aware of the advantages and fun of  

they never know the fun and advantages of Pikashow Apk — Download 2023 for Android TV.

Some purposes are here,

Money Saving: Technically, weekly or monthly subscription to streaming demanding movies or shows is always costly. But, users can access all their demanding shows completely free on Pikashow’s latest apk.  

Streaming Shows or Movies on Larger Screens: Although watching content on Android devices is trendy, it cannot compare or fulfill the charms of watching movies in leisure time or family get-togethers on larger screens. The pleasure and quality you get from TV is unavailable on other devices. You always remember the memories of playing or watching the Pikashow app apk. 

External Audio Connection: While playing Pikashow v78 apk download on Android, you mostly depend on hand-free or device speakers for listening content. However, if you are streaming the same content on theatres or big screens, you can experience the original theme with its amazing sound effects. 

They solely rely on device speakers or hand-frees to listen. 

No need for Registration: For your information, the major requirement for running the Pikashow app is a working device. Users do not need to register for the app’s running or sign-ups on their devices. Connect to the internet and watch shows whenever you want without concern about the registration process.  

Installing Pikashow on TV

If you have good internet connectivity and a Smart TV th, you can easily run or install the app on the TV. Here are some guidelines for installing the latest version of the mod apk on Smart TV,  

  • Turn on the TV and start the process.
  • Ensure the internet availability.
  • Go to the setting of the smart TV.
  • Open Play Store.
  • Find ES file explorer.
  • Install the apk file and open the browser.
  • Look for Pikashow’s latest version of the app.
  • Download Pikashow app 2023 on smart TV.
  • Go to ES file explorer.
  • Check the Pikashow app file on the local disk.
  • Install the Pikashow file and complete the process within minutes. 
  • Finally, open the apk file and enjoy streaming your loved shows on TV.

PikaShow for MAC/Apple

MAC is allowing limited streaming apps to run. Because of these limitations, users are helpless. But some hacks are allowing users to get access to PikaShow on Apple or MAC without breaking the policies of Apple company or costing too much money. 

Purpose of streaming PikaShow on Apple/MAC

Before going deeply, some purposes exist for selecting a MAC device for streaming videos or movies. Indeed, the app supports all devices, including Laptops, PCs, iOS, and MACs. But this streaming app’s core aim is to facilitate the iOS and Android users without hassle. 

So, there are some purposes of streaming the PikaShow download apk on Apple or MAC.

Streaming HD Quality: The forefront advantage is the HD quality of videos on MAC. The app offers 4K facilitating options to users and arranges a speed or selects different quality options between 2160p, 1020p, and 720p Resolutions.

One-Click Downloading: Whenever you stream a show or any other content, the first option that comes to everyone’s mind is downloading the content for watching in your leisure time. Sadly, users cannot perform this task on Android devices because of limited storage space. But, MAC provides a large storage space for downloading movies with one click.  

Creating Playlist: Lastly, MAC users can create playlists of the PikaShow mod apk 2023. At the same time, Android users cannot use this feature. Mac users can arrange unlimited Playlists using the Piccaso app. Of course, this is an interesting feature for travelers. Travelers can create their playlists and play during the journey, either they are offline or online. To create a playlist, open settings, click “creating playlist,” add the desired movies, and press “OK.”

Installing PikaShow on MAC/Apple

A wide range of features allow the streamers to transfer data manually from to MAC. Then, users can easily install it on their MAC or Apple device. Follow the guidelines for getting access to MAC,

  • First of all, download AnyTrans on Mac.    
  • Next, install AnyTrans and run it on MAC.
  • Use the data cable for connecting MAC to the laptop or personal computer and connect it to the computer. 
  • Press on the “ App Downloader” button.
  • Sign up to your account using Apple credentials like password and ID. 
  • Type the PikaShow app and download the mod apk on MAC. 
  • Locate the apk file in the App library and install the latest mod apk file. 
  • Now, open the latest version of PikashowApk and enjoy!

Download PikaShow for FireStick

  • Firstly, turn on Firestick
  • Open setting option.
  • Several options are available to you. Select “ My Fire TV”.
  • Navigate the developer options.
  • Allow Unknown sources to access your device 
  • Go to Home Screen again.
  • Click on the “Find” Button.
  • Type “Downloader app” on the search bar.
  • The yellow color icon represents the Download option. Click on the yellow icon.
  • Open the Downloader app.
  • Allow the Downloader app to access all media and files.
  • Now, search for the PikaShowapk on Firestick.
  • Install the Pikashow new version and open it.
  • Now, users can stream their favorite shows on Fire TV.

PikaShow for Roku TV

A third-party app, “All Screen Receiver,” is necessary for 

PIkaShow download for Roku TV. The following guidelines are available to you for successfully installing the Pikashow new version apk – download  on Roku,

  • Initially, connect the Roku stick with the Smart TV.
  • Go to the Roku Store.
  • Search for “ All Screen Receiver”.
  • Click on + Add Channel.
  • Now, locate” All screen receiver” and download the app.
  • After installing “ All Screen Receiver”, download PikaShow updated version apk.
  • Open the Pikashowapk and enjoy movies of your interest.
  • Select particular shows and click on “Open with.”
  • Different options are available to you. Select “ All Screen Receiver”.
  • Remember that both Smart Phone and Rokhu TV must have the same connection.
  • It can create a contact between PikaShow TV apk and Roky TV.
  • Now, you can enjoy all the features of Pikashow free apk. 

PikaShow for iOS/iPhone

  • Search for Pikashow’s latest apk – download for Android on the google
  • Open the website.
  • And open the Pikashow official apk – download the blog
  • Click on the download button to download the Pikachu TV APK given below.
  • Allow the third party to access your device.
  • Locate the downloaded file.
  • Now, click the install button to install the latest version of Piccasso TV Apk.
  • Enjoy your favorite cartoons and movies.

PikaShow for PC Download & Install

Users can use the Bluestacks emulator to access Pikashow for PC download and installation. Bluestack is the most reliable and popular emulator for Windows platform and Mac. The amazing graphics and lightning speed are the major reasons for its high demand.

Let’s move forward to get the Pikashow for Personal computers, 

Step 1: 

First, download the software (bluestack emulator) on your computer. 

Step 2:

Download the Bluestack on your device with a simple click on the download button. 

Step 3:

Now open the Bluestacks emulator and wait for some time to load Bluestacks. 

Step 4:

Create a Google account here or login to the previous Google account.

Step 5:

Go to the Google Play Store and search for PikaShow for TV apk. Click on install the PikaShow TV app and enjoy free movies and live cricket app on your computer.


Even though it is a high-tech mod apk, this app still needs to be clearer to its users with tricky lags and errors. Of course, users can easily fix minor bugs without asking outside support. Nevertheless, some of the most repeatedly asked queries about the PikaShow usage error and their solutions are here, 

Pikashow mod app is not Working: To sort out this issue, delete the older version of PikaShow and download the most updated version from this website. 

Log-in Issues:  Several users face login issues. Use the correct password, username, or email address during login, and never share your credentials with anyone. 

Unable to Connect to Server: This error usually occurs during Sports Streams, and you may solve it by refreshing the app two or more times. 

Pikashow TV App not Connecting: The main purpose of this not connecting issue is an interruption in internet availability or slow internet speed. Clients can solve this issue by improving their internet connection or using a fast-speed internet device.  


PikaShowapk is an amazing app among all updated apps. It offers a wide range of worldwide and nationwide channels. This app gives users an unbelievable relaxation package offer. The customers can tour a distant country or area. The viewers can watch Hollywood and Bollywood films without paying money.

If you are looking for a platform available on all devices, including Android/iOS, MAC/ Apple, PCs, Laptops, or TV, which offers all kinds of entertainment in one platform, then the PikaShow app is the best choice. All-in-one app offers plenty of content, including Movies, Sports, Live TV Shows, Hindi Movies, News, Hollywood Movies, etc. This app has a huge library of all these collections, which users can watch and download without spending money.


What is Pikashow TV APK?

Pikachu TV APK provides free access to a leisure platform, allowing Android users to watch limitless TV and film sequences.

Why should users download the PikaShow APK?

The users can download Pikachu TV APK because it offers a wide range of worldwide and nationwide channels. All features are free.

Can viewers play the PikaShow app on their Personal Computers?

Yes, viewers can play the Pikachu TV app on their Personal Computers.

Is PikaShowsideload available on older versions or M1 MACs?

No, sideload is restricted on all MAC versions. The company’s developers restrict the sideload of any game or app on Apple devices. So, if any user unknowingly sideloads any game, they will get an error notification or notification of official restriction of sideload from Apple Authorities. 

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